Lenny shares his experience in this 1 minute and 7 seconds video clip.

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Video Transcript:
I find… I find Terry’s uh, Ms. Kozlowski’s style… coaching style to be one that is comfortable yet professional. She’s very informative and her style is not from a cookie cutter. It is specific to your career transition and/or to your job interview that you’re preparing for. She has made me… as a result of that and as a result of her feedback, she’s made my style much more comfortable yet persuasive. So that I tell my life story and I tell my history and yet at the same time, I finish each question with the results-oriented approach. Because I’ve had the habit of not finishing the story.

And this has led to my getting more second and third interviews. I know I’ve been the direct results of the coaching because I find it valuable. If I didn’t find it valuable, I wouldn’t have referred her to other colleagues and friends. And I wouldn’t be doing this video thing.