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Video Transcript:
I take this opportunity just to share my results and feelings with uh, the work that Terry has done with me. Well, it’s been brief. It’s been very effective and it forced me to think a little bit differently. The first part was the interview: going through the interview, taping the interview. I’ve never had that opportunity before. And my expectations versus results uh, was amazing. Uhm, now I struggled on internally how I would come across. Well, this tape may not show it. Uh, the fears that I had were not there. And so I was able to take that away as something I don’t need to work on uh, but I have other opportunities and I still have plenty to work on. And that’s where Terry helped me in the second part. How do I bring everything together. Part of the problem for me, I’m struggling where I want to be and make the right decision in this career path. And Terry with her creative artwork which I hope you can see> It’s not her strength. But her strength is really listening, help guiding, asking a lot of questions and really, affirming what I thought my heart but haven’t had the chance to really take that leap of faith. And so, Terry’s given me a little… little push in the right direction and the benefits to me are gonna be there forever in my life. I hope to come back to you in a few years and tell you this has made a difference that I really need. And this is the difference maker . And so, I say thank you Terry and uh, I will keep you up to date on how I pursue it. And I know this has made a difference to me and I’m gonna go home and work hard on it.


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