Joyce shares her experience in this 1 minute and 6 seconds video clip.

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Video Transcript
I think in terms of like how to word things or how to frame things; I have a better idea of how to do that. Uhm, and then also we talked, what we just talked about the weakness thing, I think that would be really helpful ‘coz that’s something I never really knew how to talk about well. Uh, so I think that would really be helpful and I think learning what I do well ‘coz I think that’s something I never know what I do well. So it’s good to know what it is that… as a positive and then I can keep… I make sure I keep doing that for future interviews.

She’s nice but at the same time she’s straightforward. So it’s not exactly that she sugarcoats things, she just tells you what you need to know in order to improve and I think that’s… I mean instead of just sugarcoating I think you need to be straight forward especially when it comes to something like jobs. Uhm, so I think she was just fun to work with and I’m really grateful that she uhm, decided to work with me.

I mean definitely I think we all appreciate that you’re taking the time out to do this for us.