Mike shares his experience in this 51 second video clip.

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Video Transcript:
This has been extremely helpful. Uh, I’ve been through many interviews over the years and to be able to get uh, an objective evaluation of what was going on, have the good¬† things reinforced, have the things that I could have been doing better or at least the impression that I was giving you that I can do differently has been a huge help.

I came to you as a recommendation from someone else and uh, just this morning I was with that individual and one other and made that recommendation and… and in a professional organization and will be recommending that you come and speak to that organization for the benefit of the members. So without hesitation, uh, this has been enormously helpful with the investment that I have made not only in terms of dollars but in terms of time and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone and will recommend you to everyone I can.