DelAnne shares her experience in this 1 minute and 18 seconds video clip.

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Video Transcript:

Terry did a great job of showing me that although I have a lot of great qualities and a lot to offer clients, I’m not really communicating that to the client or to the interviewer. I’m not getting across what I… what I can do for them and I haven’t been answering the questions uhm, in terms of the… the interviewer’s needs. I’ve been answering them uhm, as if I were the… the thing where the spotlight was on me instead of the spotlight was on how I can bring value to the company. So, my meeting with Terry today was extremely valuable, very time…

I feel great because I’ve learned a lot today. I don’t take criticism very well. But one thing she said to me, uhm, that’s hard to take was all true. And it’s true that I need that because as they say, when your friends won’t tell you, …

But it’s definitely what I need to know because getting a job you want is so important. And if you have something that stands in your way, you need to get around it so I’m fine. I’m leaving here feeling very much educated and I’ll get a job because of Terry’s invite.