How to Answer the You’ve Been Out of Work A Long Time, What Have You Been Doing With Yourself question is addressed in this complete five minutes and twenty-two seconds video training.

Whether he’s pursuing the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail, the movies give Indiana Jones multiple hurdles to overcome.

When you’re pursuing the job or promotion you want, you also have challenges that you need to handle one at a time.

The statistics show that the higher you go up the career and compensation ladder the more time it is likely to take you to replace a position after you’ve left it.

If you’re a professional and you’ve been out of work for awhile, they might ask you,

“What have you been doing with yourself?”

They might also ask you something similar for ANY gaps they think they see in your work history.

Watch this short video and discover 4 tips that you can apply to your own answer.

After you’ve watched this 5 minutes and twenty-two seconds,go ahead and immediately write or revise your own answer to address any gap in your own work history.

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