Premium Career Concierge

Some of our clients are facing critical career challenges. That is, their situation and needs are more complex than what they anticipate could be solved in a single session with their interview coach. Or their concern may not have anything to do with an upcoming interview.

But they do want a career advisor to listen and guide them. And as they’re implementing their solution they want to continue to talk with their strategic thought partner for an additional 30 days, 90 days or even longer.

If you select a coaching option on this page and your application is accepted, Terry Kozlowski will be your career coach.

Please be warned that these are not for everyone as they are the most expensive options. See even more affordable options for help on the Quick Fix Interview Coaching and Do It Yourself pages.

Fast Mover

One on One private half-day with Terry including sustaining support for 30 days.

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Rising Star

One on One private day with Terry including sustaining support for three months.

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Pursuit through Triumph

One on One private day with Terry including support through 90 days AFTER you start your new job.

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