Read on the right just a few of the many endorsements our coaches have received or click on any of the pictures below to watch an actual client video. These videos share the value they received at their initial coaching session.

“Thank you so very much for all of your assistance with the interview process! Your expert advice and tips were great and really hit the nail on the head of what the company was looking for from the candidate. I am excited to tell you that I beat out six other candidates and was offered the position! With your help, my interview was night and day from other interviews I have had in the past. Thanks again!”

Jennifer Davis, Fortune 50 Company
“I got the job at ***! . . Over the past months I have interviewed for 6-9 different positions but only got 1 offer for a position I didn’t want. Your help made all the difference and my wife told me to call and thank you as soon as I told her. This job is not only great for my career but also allows us to move back home to be near our family as we have wanted to do for several years . . . will call you tomorrow so you can help me negotiate my salary.”
Oscar Ramos
“Interview was resounding success!! . . . just wanted to let you know how prepared I felt . . . my knowing how to . . . really allowed me to pay attention to other topics of opportunity . . . last night I got an email with the offer! I am grateful to you for your help.”
Dr. Carlos Barrios
“I didn’t think I could return to professional employment quickly after staying at home with my children for so many years, but I did what you told me to do, and I got the job!!! I start next Monday as a *** at ***.
Thank you so much for all your help and wonderful advice”
“No other networking group or person has been as great a resource during this difficult time. I’m finding her expertise equally beneficial as I’m now transitioning into my new job.”
Olga Spaic
“After working . . . to identify what makes me unique in this crowded marketplace, I . . . within the week I was in active conversations with 5 organizations. One extending an offer next week! I wasn’t getting those results when I was job searching on my own. Terry’s support has been worth much more than what I’ve paid her.”
“In my job search, Terry has been my sanity!”
Strategic Marketer
“What makes Terry unique from other coaches I’ve had is her practical, bottom line focus, anchored by her years of business experience.”
Senior Finance Executive
“has been helpful to me as a bouncing board . . . is able to draw from her little bag of tools and tricks and provide an objective perspective, a way to evaluate all my different options, a way to think about how my career and life might fit together.”
“She has been my sounding board . . . an objective individual willing to ask the tough questions and help me sort through the answers. She has been an unbiased mirror, reflecting back what she hears and doesn’t hear me say, helping me to sort through all the clutter bouncing around in my head.”
Information Technology Director
“has the ability to help me move from point A to B, to keep moving forward and get the important things accomplished. She helps me stay on track with her wonderful blend of practicality and vision.”
Finance Executive

Del Anne

“…my meeting with Terry today was extremely valuable . . . definitely what I need to know…”


“…to be perfectly honest, I’d viewed it as just another session before coming in but after…“


“…an objective evaluation…has been a huge help…recommending that you come and speak…”


“I have been to other career counselors…you seem to be able to go to the core of a person’s problem…”


“…learning what I do well…I make sure I keep doing…She’s nice but at the same time she’s straightforward…”

Ben G

“I found it extremely valuable…she brings things to the table…that you’re not even considering …they throw you a curveball…“


“…for anyone who wants to get a clear focus on how to interview effectively and how to think inside…”


“Terry was great. . . . I’m leaving here more confident and more happy than I’ve ever left an interview…”


“…those questions were the ones that I would get asked in the interviews…how to’s were helpful in the specifics…”


“…watching myself…very helpful experience…for every question, you had a lot of good comments and feedback…”


“…breaking down the process…there’s a science to it. And you’ve helped me identify some…”


“…where I want to be…make the right decision in this career path…her strength is really listening”

Lenny (1)

“…like the way you did it…doing the interview, stopping the interview, reviewing the interview…”

Lenny (2)

“…I get to watch the video…really positive and it’s really encouraging…And this has led…”

Lenny (3)

“Ms. Kozlowski’s coaching…is not from a cookie cutter. It is specific to your career transition…”