Once upon a time in the kingdom of corporate America . . .

Susan’s story is just one example of why we created JobInterview911.com. Every time we help someone win a better position, we have the personal satisfaction of knowing we’ve made a positive impact in their corner of the world.

In helping them to reach their career goals, we know we’ve also made a difference in the lives of their entire family and their community.

We also directly support deserving non-profit organizations and their missions. We contribute a portion of the proceeds from the products and services you purchase through this website.

About Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide interview help for you, the ambitious top-tier professional wanting to advance in your career and create a better life for you and your family.

Whether you’re in early or mid-career, a millennial, or a baby boomer that hasn’t needed to interview in years, we have long-term, short-term and immediate options to help you further improve your interview effectiveness. Our focus is to help you win the job or promotion you really want, given what’s important to you at this time in your life.

Visit our How We Help page for details on your immediate options. Save yourself the time, aggravation, and effort of trying to figure it out yourself and avoid costly mistakes. Get yourself some expert help now.

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About Our Unique Method

We apply our Hollywood Movie Method Interview Success System in our private work with our clients

We’d like to invite you to attend a free online training presentation where you can discover 3 Secret Strategies from Hollywood Movies You Can Use Immediately to Impress Your Interviewer, Even if You Don’t Know What to Say, Get Really Nervous, and Have Blown All Your Prior Interviews .

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About Our Team

Terry Kozlowski, President of Achievementor Group LLC , and the originator of Jobinterview911.com has personally selected each of the additional expert coaches available here to support you to reach your own career success. For their pictures and short bios, visit our Meet Our Team page.

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