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Refuse to settle, get the job you really want. Gain the better position, higher pay and happier family life you deserve by getting private interview coaching from one of our expert career coaches.

Deliver A Job-Winning Performance In Your Very Next Interview, Even If You Haven’t Needed To Interview In Years, You Think You May Break-Out In Hives Because You’re So Nervous And You’re Just About Out of Time!

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bio-terryHi, My name is Terry Kozlowski. Thank you so much for visiting our website.
Let me ask you a question.

How would you like to be able to . . .

Deliver a job-winning performance in your very next interview, even if you haven’t needed to interview in years, you think you may break-out in hives because you’re so nervous and you’re just about out of time!

If the answer is yes, then listen very closely to what I’m about to say.

This message is for the professional pursuing a specific job or promotion who really wants the job but isn’t confident that they are as well-prepared for their interviews as they COULD be.

Here’s the TRUTH you need to know about winning your targeted job.

In fact, here’s the biggest problem you face right now.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Meaning, even if you’ve carefully prepared your answers in advance, you still have blind spots regarding what you chose as your own key messages. You’re too close to them. You simply don’t know if your answers are good enough or if you would improve your chances to win the job offer by changing them.

But that’s not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse. Why?

It’s what I call “the Olympic difference.” In those athletic competitions, the difference between the gold medal winner and the “also ran” is sometimes as small a difference as seconds or even fractions of a second.

Your job winning or losing difference could also be tiny. For example, saying just one thing that shouldn’t be shared can lose you the job! Or, not including the right kind of proof or evidence in your answers could also lose you the job given the fierce competition you’re likely to face.

Which means solely working on your own to prepare for your interview is a risky choice and is sometimes downright dangerous to your chances to gain the better position, higher pay and happier family life you deserve.

Now, most candidates for better jobs or promotions can’t get past the idea that it’s too hard to find an expert interview coach they can trust and even if they did, they would be too expensive.

But luckily for you, there’s now a solution to your problem!!!

And if you would like some extra help, here’s the solution you’ve been looking for . . .

I have carefully interviewed and selected the most qualified career coaches and negotiated special rates so that you can get access to them through this one website.

You can see their impressive backgrounds and qualifications on the Meet Our Team page. But even without reviewing their details, you can be assured that you are in good hands and they will provide you with the objective feedback that will help you further improve your interview performance.

Whether you want to work with your private coach via phone, via skype or other online options or even meet in person in select cities, this page below lists your options so you can choose the method and the amount of time you want to share with your coach.

You’ll see that your investment in your One on One Private Interview Coaching with my selected coaches will vary from $97 to $750.

Now you may see this as the great bargain it is.

But if you’re thinking that’s a lot of money, let’s look at your potential return on your investment.

If we assume you win the job and you’ll make 100K per year in your new position (just to keep the math simple . . .)

. . . than with the $97 package you’ll make that back in just about 2 hours in your new position!!!

Even if you were to go for the in-person package at $750, you would earn that back in only 2 days!!!

Depending on which coaching package you choose, here’s just a few of the ways your coach could help you during your private time together:

  • Your coach could increase your confidence and control and decrease your nervousness so you’re prepared to handle any situation that could arise during your interview
  • Your coach could review all your documents including your resume and your target job description to identify what’s missing from your answers and help you craft powerful examples so you are an even more obvious match for their needs.
  • Your coach could help you address any areas in your background that you’re praying they don’t ask you about because you know you don’t have a good answer
  • Any and all topics you want to discuss that are unique to you, since this is your private time your coach will assist you with whatever questions or assistance you may want in regards to your interview or career.

And by getting this expert assistance, you’ll avoid needing to impose on your well-meaning but unqualified family or friends for your mock interview practice session. If you choose to do that for some or all of your time, not only will you get the chance to practice, but you’ll also get the recording of your session. This means you can hear yourself as the interviewer hears and and you will also be able to listen to your coaching feedback as often as you choose.

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you get expert help so you can convincingly demonstrate you’re a great match for the specific job you’re pursuing?

PLUS, when you order today, several of the packages include valuable bonuses. See the full details below.

Click the Get Help Now button for the package you choose below and get started today. We’ll match you with your coach and connect you so you can get started as quickly as you can align your schedules.

If you’re not sure which package is best for you, contact us through the support link at the very top of the page and we’ll assist you.

Don’t wait, get the personal assistance to deliver a job-winning interview performance in your very next interview now.

Click the button for the package of your choice below.

You can go ahead and do that right now.

Just pause this video now, OR, if you’d like me to walk you through each of the options you’ll see below,
here are those details.

The first option is recommended for when you have only one burning issue you want to discuss or just a few items for which you want expert feedback. This is because it’s only a 30 minute session.

However, if you think your question can be addressed through just a quick private conversation over the phone or via skype audio, this will be perfect for you, and it’s only $97. Just click the button below.

And by the way, you’ll also get a recording of your session emailed to you so you can keep and listen again
as often as you like.

The second option is our most popular option. This will give you a 90 minute phone or skype audio conversation with your private coach that will be recorded for you.

Most people use this session for feedback on “what to say” and get specific help with their answers and stories and examples and proof so you can impress them in your next interview.

We do recommend that you forward any version of your resume to your coach in advance. You can also send additional documents. It could be a job description or posting that’s either

for the specific opportunity you’re pursuing or it could be one that’s representative of your job target, so your coach can give you very focused suggestions for your unique situation. This second option is only $297.
Just click the button below.

The third option includes everything in the second option with an important addition. It includes the ability for your coach to see you via skype.

They will still assist you with ?”what to say” in your interviews. But in this option they can also assist you with your visual communication. This includes your body language and facial expressions during an interview.

So this is the recommended option for you if you have concerns about how you’re presenting yourself in
face-to-face or online interviews.

OR if you just want your objective feedback to include not just WHAT to say but also HOW you appear as you’re saying it. This third option is $350. Just click the button below.

The fourth option gives you the opportunity to meet your coach for a comprehensive two hour face-to-face coaching session in the real, not virtual world.

This option currently includes a bonus of an additional coaching session of one hour via phone or skype audio prior to your scheduled meeting.

We recommend this because the phone or skype session in advance will give you feedback and guidance that you can then include in your revised answers and total interview performance.

This is so when you meet for your ?in-person session you will receive advanced guidance.
You will have the benefit of three total hours of coaching, separated by time for implementation.

This fourth option is recommended for the person who has an opportunity they’re pursuing that’s very important to them AND they already live or can get themselves to the major metropolitan areas where this is offered.

Please see the updated list of available locations for in-person on the page below.
Use the Contact Us link at the top of the page to inquire if an in-person coach is now available in your area.

Including the previously mentioned bonus of the one hour phone/skype session with the two hour in-person session, this fourth option is $750. Just click the button below.

Upon your request, this option can also include recordings of your sessions. Just specify in the comments section when you order. Please also identify the metropolitan area where you’d like to meet.

So to recap your 4 options for assistance from one of my personally selected coaches as we’ve just discussed:

  1. 30 Minutes via Phone or Skype Audio
  2. 90 Minutes via Phone or Skype Audio
  3. 90 Minutes via Skype Video
  4. Two Hours In-Person plus 60 Minutes Phone or Skype in Advance

An additional bonus for options 2, 3, and 4 include your receiving all the currently released Hollywood Movie Method Job Winning Series Guides that others purchase through this website.

These will give you additional “How To” information with sample answers given by real people in interviews
for a variety of positions across multiple industries with ratings for their answers.

These immediately accessible guides will give you practical suggestions for how to answer many of the
classic questions (and their variations) often asked in interviews.

You can review this specific guidance and update your own answers prior to your private session with your coach and so get even more value from your time with them.

See the guide titles on the page below. You will receive instant access to these PDF documents which means that you can get started on improving your own answers immediately.

So if you want to deliver a job-winning performance in your very next interview, there is expert help
available to you now.

Just choose the personal coaching option that feels right to you on the page below and we can get started

to assist you to go from where you are now to where you really want to be.

You don’t have to figure it out all by yourself.

It’s ok, go ahead right now and click the Get Help Now button that’s your option choice.

Don’t see the kind of package you want or have questions? Contact Support, and we’ll assist you.

  Talk with Coach 30 Minutes Talk with Coach 90 Minutes Coach Sees You with Skype Video Meet in Person 2 Hours
How Coaching Provided Telephone or Skype Audio Telephone or Skype Audio Skype Audio plus Video In Person
Investment 97 297 350 750
Get Help Now
Get Help Now
Get Help Now
Get Help Now
Recommended Situation When you only have one burning issue or just a few items for expert feedback, so a 30-minute session with your private coach will be sufficient. This is our most popular option. When you want 90 minutes with your private coach including help with “what to say” so you can impress on your next interview. When in addition to your coach helping you with “what to say” you want your coach to review how you “present yourself” including your body language. When you want to meet your coach in person, and you can get to Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, or Phoenix metropolitan areas for your two-hour session.
Time 30 minutes 90 minutes 90 minutes 2 hours
BONUS: 60 minute phone or skype audio coaching session in advance $197 value
Opportunity to provide your coach your resume, target job description and additional documents
Obtain personalized feedback for your situation and guidance for your unique questions and concerns
Receive recordings of your coaching session(s) audio file provided audio file provided audio/video file provided
We provide recordings of in-person sessions in select cities. If you would like a recording, please specify in the comments section when you order.


BONUS: The “Hollywood Movie Method” Job Winning Series Guide #1 – What’s Wrong With You? OR Give Me A Reason NOT To Promote Or Hire You!

Guaranteed Job Winning Tips, Interview Questions and 36 Sample Answers with Ratings.

This Guide includes the complete how to’s for the questions:

  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • What are your salary requirements?

Value: $29

BONUS: The “Hollywood Movie Method” Job Winning Series Guide #2 – What’s Right With You? OR Help Me Decide Why I SHOULD Promote Or Hire You!

Guaranteed Job Winning Tips, Interview Questions and 36 Sample Answers with Ratings.

This Guide includes the complete how to’s for the questions:

  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your goals?

Value: $29

BONUS: The “Hollywood Movie Method” Job Winning Series Guide #3 – Can You Convince Me You’re The Best Candidate? or Tell Me A STORY! (Behavioral Interview Questions)

Guaranteed Job Winning Tips, Interview Questions and 24 Sample Answers with Ratings.

This Guide includes the complete how to’s for the questions:

  • Tell me about a time . . . ?
  • What would you do if . . . ?

Value: $29

Investment 97 297 350 750
Get Help Now
Get Help Now
Get Help Now
Get Help Now