Ben shares his experience in this 51 second video clip.

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Video Transcript:
Did you, uhm, were you one of the people who went to the website? Did you look at the how-to answers?

I did. I did. Uhm, and actually this morning, I printed out the… the questions again just so to make sure that I had uhm, good answers for… for that as well.

For the most part, those… those 10 questions were the ones that I would get asked in the interviews.

I was curious whether uhm, for the questions that were there, whether you found the how-tos helpful in terms of the specifics?

Definitely and not only that but how the website explains, uhm, it takes real life examples of… of people’s answers and explains why it’s a good answer or why it’s an answer that could use work and I think that was definitely very helpful.

All this preparation has definitely paid off in… in my interviews.