Get Better Results Answering the Top 10 Interview Questions

Wouldn’t it be be great if before you went into a job interview you could get some insight into what the interviewer is looking for when they ask each question? If you could sit on the interviewer’s side of the desk and get into their head first?

If you knew what was going on inside their head – if you knew both what to say and what not to say – then you would know how to give the BETTER answer – the answer which gets you closer to the job offer for the job you really want!

In addition, while each job, each interview and each  interviewer are different, there are some proven principles and techniques that will give you a significant advantage over your competition – but only if you know them and apply them properly in your actual  interview situations both over the phone and in person.

For each of the most predictable interview questions, below are the links to the proven and practical “How To’s.” These include what to say, what not to say and how to create (or improve!) your own answer.