1. Tell me about yourself

This is probably one of the toughest job interview questions because it’s deceptively conversational and unassuming.

“Tell me about yourself . . .”

You might hear this question asked at a dinner party. as an ice breaker question – but this isn’t a dinner party.

If you answer this question like it is a dinner party – your job interview may be over before it gets started.

A great way to learn the best way to answer is to see how other people are answering this question great — and how others are blowing it! Look at these actual examples from candidates with ratings and recommendations.

See 12 unique answers to this question below. Just follow each link to see what real people said. Review the rating for each answer. These real-life examples are a powerful short-cut to help you write your own answer to this frequently asked job interview question, “tell me about yourself.”

Or you could hit the easy button and have a professional assist you to prepare for your next interview.

Have a Coach Help You Privately

Be sure that your answer will grab your interviewer’s attention. Because this is such an important question, we recommend you get some professional help and feedback. When you consider how much you could make in your new position, getting 1-on-1 assistance is a very affordable option. Your modest investment will put someone on your side of the table.

They will give you honest feedback. Your coach will assist you to impress your interviewer when you respond to this question (and other questions you’d like to improve.) Ask for private personal attention for your needs and situation over the phone, via skype or in-person depending on your location.

As an additional benefit, your coaching package could include pdf versions of the first three Guides in the Hollywood Movie Method Job Winning Series. These guides include:

  • the biggest interview mistakes to avoid
  • training for how to answer 8 additional most frequently asked job interview questions
  • 12 example answers given by real people in mock interviews with ratings for each question.

This combination of immediately available guides and private interview coaching to create and refine your answers is the most comprehensive way to prepare for an important interview for a position you really want.

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See Sample Answers with Ratings for Tell Me About Yourself