6. What are your goals?

Unlike some of the other job interview questions you may encounter, the “What are your goals?” question is not one you’re likely to hear – or answer- in everyday conversation. So you could miss this opportunity to impress them because you don’t have any goals ready to tell them.

Or if you have prepared your goals ( both short term and long term) this question could still be a death trap during the interview for your ideal job. There is a secret to answering this question that many job seekers don’t understand.

They really aren’t asking you what you think they’re asking you when you get this question. You need to answer the hidden part of the answer they’re really looking for with this.

See some examples below of candidates who have answered perfectly (or nearly perfectly) for the particular job they’re pursuing and those answers that miss the mark by a wide margin.

See 12 unique answers to this question below. Just follow each link to see what real people said. Review the rating for each answer. These real-life examples are a powerful short-cut to help you write your own answer to this frequently asked job interview question, “what are your goals?”

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