8. What would you do if . . .

This question doesn’t require a specific incident from your past. However, you could share one. Therefore, make your answer even more powerful and share a relevant example.

What if you don’t have a specific example? Then you are free to use your imagination combined with your life experience. Because you will need to answer “what would you do if . . . ” for two different situations.

First of all, they may ask you about a predictable situation. This is something that you could expect to occur in the position. Another situation is an unexpected or “out-of-the-box” scenario they give you. Because in this second situation, often they just want to see how you “think-on-your-feet.” They may assess if you can handle the unexpected with poise and confidence.

Therefore, in the examples below see the differences. Some candidates do a good job of providing a comprehensive series of steps they would take. While others some share relevant learnings from their past. Finally, see how some candidates miss the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and strengths to the interviewer.

See 12 unique answers to this question below. Just follow each link to see what real people said. Review the rating for each answer. These real-life examples are a powerful short-cut to help you write your own answer to this frequently asked job interview question, “what would you do if . . .”

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