man(Who is Don? Don – MBA and International Communications Manager seeking Manager of Corporate Communications role)

Terry: All right, do you have any questions for me?

Don: Yes.  Could you describe, in your words, you know, the culture of the organization more from the point of view of who you think my immediate peers would be I would be working with in the short term?

Terry: Good question.  I am the screener, so I actually right now couldn’t address it for you, Don, but the hiring manager has asked me to gather all the questions from all the candidates so they can be prepared to address them when they do talk to people, so I have that question written down.

What other questions would you like me to add to the list so that I can pass them on?

Don: Basically, how will I be measured in the success of this position?

Terry: Okay.

Don: Another question I would be asking is…the structure of the job…will I be reporting directly to one person at all times or will there be numerous dotted lines for this position and what are the titles of those individuals?

Terry: Any other questions?

Don: I do have a habit of asking too many questions during interviews also.  So that’s something I have to work on, because I could keep going.

Terry: Because we’re looking to put a comprehensive list of questions that our hiring manager should be prepared for, feel free to give me a couple more.

Don: I’d like to know how much international travel is expected per year or quarter for this position, if there is any opportunity for international travel.  Also, is there a hot spot or several hot spots throughout the year where you might be doing more traveling than another?

Terry: Okay.

Don: I’d like to know is there any flexibility in the budget for additional outside training and/or…

Terry: What do you mean by that?

Don: Pardon?

Terry: I have flexibility in budget for additional outside training, but what do you mean by that?

Don: Yes.  Is there a place in the budget for, basically, job training from outside sources…classes, seminars, so on and so forth?

Terry: All right, any other questions you want to add to the list?

Don: That’s it.

Terry: Okay.  Well again, I appreciate your coming in today.  Rather than coming in, I guess taking the time aside to talk to us on the phone.  Any final questions for me before we wrap this up?

Don: I would like to know if you can give any idea how long until I would know if we would be having the next step of a direct interview with the hiring manager.

Terry: Okay.

Don: Would it be a few weeks?  You know I’d just to have some idea.

Terry: Sure.  Where we are in the process right now is we are doing the initial screening interviews this week and next and then we’ll be compiling our results and providing that information to hiring manager.  They’ll be taking a look at that and then making the decision.

If I had to guess I would say probably by the end of next week we’d have a sense of who those people were that we’d want to be calling and bringing back in.

Don: Great.

Terry: Okay.

Don: Wonderful.

Terry: All right.

Don: If there’s any additional information, feel free to call me or email me.  I’m more than happy to send writing samples and whatever else, references, you may require.

Terry: Great, thank you so much and, again, we’ll be in touch.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q10. Do you have any questions for me? – DON QUICK RATING – C

Good that you asked about hiring process, also some good questions about organization and job, some questions might not be appropriate this early (like budget for training, wait for negotiation after you have offer if not included.)

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