man(Who is Allen? Allen – QA Analyst and Programmer since 1985 seeking Quality Assurance Tester job)

Terry: Tell me about a time when you were working with someone who was difficult to work with and how you handled it.

Allen: I had a woman like that and she actually disturbed the whole office.  She would get up and complain all the time and everybody was upset by it.

I tended to look at it as a reminder that people are different and it takes all kinds of people that work in an office, take it in stride and focus on my job.  Whatever her issues were hers and it wasn’t my business.  I just keep focused.

Terry: Was she doing anything that was disturbing your productivity?  How was she being difficult?

Allen: In my office, we have five-foot cubes and it’s a very open space.  During the day at different times, she would stand up and say, “Oh, it’s just too cold in here.  I can’t stand it.”  Or, “It’s too hot.  Can someone do something about it?”

Everyone was giving her the eye, because they’re trying to work and she’s disturbing everybody.  I thought she’s hot or cold, whatever and that’s her problem.  I just kind of laughed at it in a way, not in front of her, but inside.  I chuckled, thinking that this was comic relief.  I just don’t let it bother me.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q7. Tell me about a time when you . . . – ALLEN QUICK RATING – F

Missing middle of what you did and not sure this situation actually answered what you did, sounds like you didn’t let it bother you instead of fixing. Perhaps look for another example to share rather than using this story.

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