man(Who is Fabian? Fabian – IT professional with 10 years experience seeking SQL Analyst Programmer job)

Terry: Tell me about a time when you had a really big workload, maybe more than you felt you could really handle.  How did you handle it?

Fabian: I can think of a previous position I had at XXX.  We had a bunch of fixes for the database that went in. It changed the way some queries in our back end functioning worked, so what we ended up doing for about a week and half was putting in a lot of emergency changes, doing a lot of tweaks to the queries we were running, and it was a challenge.

I put in a lot of overtime hours on that. I was supporting some other people on my team and they were supporting me.  The way I got through it, the way we all got through it, was breaking things down – what things have to absolutely act on, what things can wait and then do it piecemeal one at a time. Eventually, we did get things back to normal production runs going in and we were all able to breathe a massive sigh of relief.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q7. Tell me about a time when you . . . – FABIAN QUICK RATING – B

Did set up situation and tell end of story, could add what was the benefit to organization or impact, could add more specific “I” messages to detail more of what you did instead of “we.”

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