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Terry: Tell me about a time when you had to handle a workplace injury.

Steven: With worker’s compensation it was an issue.  What we found when we really looked at the data and what injuries were occurring is that it was really a two pronged problem.

We weren’t doing what needed to be done as far as prevention and the process in that every manager was knowledgeable on the correct process to follow.

We really tackled the problem in those two areas, making sure that every employee, manager and front line alike, knew all the safety procedures, ran through it, make sure they’re all wearing their equipment, and I held people accountable to that from top to bottom.

I made safety part of that culture and the other side of that was having everybody be aware of the process to follow.  We posted procedures to follow, we made sure that all the managers got training in those procedures and in turn, they trained every employee on what to do in those scenarios.

I think there was a tendency to believe that we didn’t want to tell them too much about the worker’s comp process because we didn’t want too many people filing claims which is really the opposite case.

If you have people ignorant of the system then you really prolong the problem and then when it does become an issue it’s actually more costly.  It’s better to have everybody aware of the process and to get in front of it.

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Q7. Tell me about a time when you . . . – STEVEN QUICK RATING – D

Not following story format, no set up of specific situation, need more “I”  in what you did not “we”, need end of story with how company benefited.

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