man(Who is Bonnie? Bonnie – CPA with over 6 years experience seeking Accounting Manager position)

Terry: Again, we have your resume. It’s always good to hear it in the candidate’s own words as we’re getting to know them and what they can bring to our organization.  Why don’t you tell me about yourself?

Bonnie: What would you like to hear about me?

Terry: Well, I would like to hear about your qualifications and experience as particularly relevant to our opening here.

Bonnie: As you know I’m a CPA and I have been working for the last six plus years in not for profit accounting.  I’ve been working with grants heavily and I’ve also worked with revenue.  You’re probably more interested in the grants, because that what your position is.  I’ve done everything. I’ve managed all the financial data, which you’re looking for.I’ve submitted financial reports from grantors doing everything from I’ve done the budget submissions. I’ve worked with the program people to prepare budgets and the budget submissions. I’ve done the vouchers. I’ve done the regulatory portion and at the end of the year summarizing the expenses and the year-end close out. I’ve done budget re-submissions and XXX submissions as necessary. I’ve done spreadsheets, that I have put together, which is something you’ve mentioned.

I’ve put together spreadsheets to track the budgets and track expenses to keep track of the variance analysis, which I have given out to the program managers, which then gives them some suggestions for how to alleviate some of these variances.

I’ve done all the budgets as I said and the grant reimbursements and I have reconciled the data to the accounting database.  The way I do my reports is by following the data that’s being put in and by analyzing the data and making sure that it’s project by project correct and that it’s the right expenses and things of that nature.

I’ve written memos and I’ve supported the management team.  Those are the things you’re looking for.  I’ve had the education. I have my masters.  You’re looking for a BA and I have my master’s in accounting.  I have all those things.  I have everything that you’re looking for I’ve done everything I can do with grants.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q1. Tell me about yourself – BONNIE QUICK RATING – C

Need to check how long you were speaking, two minutes is a good target. Instead of a laundry list of all the functional things you’ve done, a few intriguing accomplishments would be more effective. Also, don’t tell them you’re good, let your history prove it.

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