man(Who is  Leonard? Leonard – Non-Profit Leader with 25 years experience seeking Executive Director role)

Terry: Tell me about what your goals are.

Leonard: I would like to finish off my career working for an agency that cares about young people and families.  I’d like to, if possible, stay in the XXX area where my children are and continue to play an advocacy role on behalf of young people and families both within XXX and at the national level as part of the XXX Association.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q6. What are your goals? – LENNY QUICK RATING – C

Good and specific, but question to you is whether they would see advocacy role at XXX as something they would really support you in because it helps them too and is related to their organization’s mission or is this something that’s only personal to you. Also concerned about phrase “finish off my career”, instead phrase it more positively.

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