woman(Who is Amy? Amy – Administrative Assistant seeking Project Manager position in Marketing Services)

Terry: Tell me what you see as your strengths.

Amy: I’m thoroughly experienced in a holistic approach and cross-discipline area approach with the ability to communicate with vendors and employees across all organization levels.  I’ve found in learning more about project management the project management skills I have are my strengths and I’ve taken them with me wherever I go.

For example, with organization and planning skills, I have the ability to manage, track and locate XXX, large volumes of information and documentation.  You might remember this when I was resourcing and doing all the facilities and logistics for about 150 people on our team.

My written and oral communication skills, I have the ability to communicate with the vendors and employees across all levels.  In my project work I’ve been able to communicate and track time lines and deliverables to ensure team success and also tailor all of my communications whether it was to the specific logistical team or in other company’s telecommunications or construction team.

I have the ability to tailor it to my audience and also figure out who are the key stakeholders that need to be involved and when to not over inundate people with either email or phone calls.

I have excellent time management skills with the ability to prioritize how I work in my day, also the ability to prioritize issues and interruptions and how I go about estimating and managing my day to make sure I get everything done that I need to.

As far as leadership, I definitely, in resource management in one meeting’s time went from leadership to collaborator to facilitator.  With the ability to take ownership of the process, work well independently and to communicate my vision and goal of what needs to be done to the team.

Also having the flexibility to step back and facilitate the team what’s on, think things through and talk things out.  I’m a people person so I’m able to collaborate with employees at all levels.

As far as budgeting skills, in my last move projects I was able to get more exposure to vendor quotes and invoicing and had the ability to stick with the budget.

My problem solving skills – I have the ability to find the problem, analyze what’s going on, determine the best course of action and implement a decision.  This would come from whether we had eight contractors that needed to be turned around and come in from Friday to Monday or oops this request needed a change and it was a waterfall effect on all the other work we had done.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q4. What are your strengths? – AMY QUICK RATING – D

Too long and too many, no more than 3 to 5 tops, or could also do just one with a great specific example.

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