woman(Who is Denise? Denise – Global Integrated Marketing Executive seeking Director of Strategy position)

Terry: Tell me what you see as your strengths.

Denise: I think that one of my strengths has always been the ability to see beyond the chaos.  Based on the number of experiences I’ve had in multiple industries and different situations I’ve encountered and have been a part of, in terms of a successful outcome, it has given me the opportunity to be able to take bold risks.

It has allowed me to step into a situation that may be chaotic, be able to see beyond the current circumstances, create a vision that I can also then backup with tactical execution to move the organization forward and drive results both in the short and long term.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q4. What are your strengths? – DENISE QUICK RATING – C

Ok, but would have preferred you to talk about strengths that they would see as particularly relevant to them and/or give specific example of what you’ve done that they need too.

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