woman(Who is Wendy? Wendy – Executive and recent Chief Operating Officer seeking Controller position)

Terry: Thank you.  What do you see, Wendy, are some of your strengths?

Wendy: As I said, I think my biggest strength is, you know, my ability to kind of partner with management to help organizations achieve their business goals.  Promote the operations as it says, even an organization by supporting it financially.

From putting in effective financial information to designing reports, designing report cards, CPIs that enables the rest of the organization to make the right kinds of decisions around where they’re going.

That helps them to highlight when there’s risk, when there’s exposure, so that they can make quick decisions around the operation.  I also am very good at having a strategic view of the future, but translating that back to the more tactical initiatives that are required to achieve that strategy.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q4. What are your strengths? – WENDY QUICK RATING – A

Not too long, good description of what you bring to them in terms that they most likely care about.

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