man(Who is Allen? Allen – QA Analyst and Programmer since 1985 seeking Quality Assurance Tester job)

Terry: Again, none of us are perfect so what would you say are your weaknesses?

Allen: I would say the ability to pace myself.  I think sometimes I tend to stick to a problem too long and sometimes I need to step back.  I try to take a break.  I can’t work eight hours straight so I try to pace myself every hour or couple of hours, take a break just to refresh myself, make sure I take a good lunch.  

I eat and drink properly, so that I’m in the best shape so that I can pay attention to my work and again, just pacing myself.  I think taking those breaks are important.  I’ve seen medical studies that show that you need to do that anyway.  You can only sit so long at a computer before your body says I need to move around a little bit.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q5. What are your weaknesses? – ALLEN QUICK RATING – D

Not sure whether they’d take what you said  as a weakness. Instead identify something that follows the suggested format for how to address this kind of question.

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