man(Who is Bonnie? Bonnie – CPA with over 6 years experience seeking Accounting Manager position)

Terry: Again, everyone has weaknesses none of us are perfect.  What would you say are your weaknesses?

Bonnie: I think my biggest weakness is that sometimes I take on too much. I’m willing to do everything.  Then I realize I have a lot to do on my plate because for me it’s hard to say no, I’m learning.

I have learned that some things I have to sometimes say on my schedule for this time period is and then see if I can fit it in and talk about it.  Maybe I can help out in some way, but some things I have to have people assist me because I don’t want to work around the clock.

I’m very good at staying late and working extensive hours, but I’ve learned that sometimes it isn’t always a factor.  I’m also trying to have a life outside of work, which is something new for me, so that I stay fresh and come back the next day with new fresh ideas and the desire to dig in.  Sometimes you have to allocate to other people.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q5. What are your weaknesses? – BONNIE QUICK RATING – D

Follow suggested format to answer this, make it much simpler and share what you’ve already done and doing to address this and difference that’s already made, your answer raised concerns in my mind about you.

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