man(Who is  Leonard? Leonard – Non-Profit Leader with 25 years experience seeking Executive Director role)

Terry: Wow, impressive!  Thank you.  Everyone has areas of themselves that are not as strong, what would you say are your weaknesses?

Leonard: There are two things.  Mainly, I’m not a statistician, so when I look at research and evaluation I’m looking at how to it to a program, so I can learn more about how researchers gather, collect and analyze their data.  Although I’ve done some of that, that would be an area that I could grow in.

The second piece is more of when I’m in a discussion to do problem solving is making sure that I bring all of the parties into the discussion and get everybody engaged.  I tend to see things quicker and I want to move, but I’ve learned that I have to bring all of those parties into the discussion so that they are part of the solution.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q5. What are your weaknesses? – LENNY QUICK RATING – B

Only offer one weakness, make them ask again if they want more, both of your answers here are pretty good, could even build in a little more on what you’ve learned and how you apply now to situations.

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