man(Who is Bonnie? Bonnie – CPA with over 6 years experience seeking Accounting Manager position)

Terry: Great story and great example.  Tell me about what your salary requirement is.

Bonnie: I guess I’m really open on the salary.  First of all, I’m interested to learn more about the position, to see what I think the position is worth.  Second of all, I have no idea where you are at.

If you could give me some idea of the salary range, that would be helpful.

Terry: I don’t have that information myself, but certainly as you move on in the process and we connect you with the hiring manager that would be a question they would be able to address better than I can right now.

So you don’t have a range of numbers in terms of what you’re looking for or what you’d be expecting from what you do know about the position?

Bonnie: I think I know because I thought I saw something on the Internet and it seemed an acceptable salary range.  However, for me, it’s not the salary that’s important it’s the position and the opportunity, if you do well and you exceed in the position then where you start is irrelevant because you will grow and your salary will increase.

Even if you paid me a million dollars and I didn’t like what I was doing and I didn’t think I could come in and be productive from day one, then for me it wouldn’t be a good fit anyway.

Salary is important but it’s not the most important thing, it’s the ability to walk into a position, know I can be productive and know I can grow and become even more beneficial to the organization.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q9. What is your salary requirement? – BONNIE QUICK RATING – A

Didn’t give them number, asked followup questions, and your response to interviewer’s  followup was good.

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