woman(Who is Wendy? Wendy – Executive and recent Chief Operating Officer seeking Controller position)

Terry: Great, thank you.  Tell me what your salary requirement is.

Wendy: I’m somewhat flexible because I have, for quite a number of years, had a compensation package that was a fixed salary and a heavy component on performance-based incentives.

I’m looking for a base salary of somewhere in the $XXX range with, hopefully, an incentive assigned to that or associated with that that would be based on both my personal performance and the organization’s performance.

For me, it’s most important that the next opportunity is a position that allows me to do things.  One is learn and grow and, more importantly, enjoy what I’m doing and make a contribution.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q9. What is your salary requirement? – WENDY QUICK RATING – F

Because you gave a number when they hadn’t pushed you for it, para 1 and para 3 were good, don’t get into the specifics of performance + bonus until you’re in salary negotiation after offer.

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