woman(Who is Amy? Amy – Administrative Assistant seeking Project Manager position in Marketing Services)

Terry: Tell me about what you would do if you needed to use MS Project as part of your responsibilities.  We’re an MS Project house.  I don’t see anything on your resume that says that you’ve used Project before.  How would you go about addressing that if we were to require you to use Project?

Amy: That’s a great question.  In all of my roles, I wasn’t ever specifically exposed to Microsoft Project.  In my history and career, I have been exposed to new software and I’ve proven able to learn quickly.

I would go straight to the web and start looking at some online training as well as right now I am looking into getting specific hands on training with different project management schools and I’d be more than happy to complete that before my start date.

Historically, when we went from different time management systems, whether it was from Silent Partners to Project Arena, from Project Arena to Prism I was one of the key people who learned quickly, quickly became a power user and then I was called on to train other people on the software.

I’ve proved myself able to get up and learn and I definitely have confidence that I’ll be able to do that with Project as well.

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Q8. What would you do if . . . – AMY QUICK RATING – B

Good specifics on what you’d do backed up with items from past, stronger if you were learning MS Project now on own via self study.

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