woman(Who is Denise? Denise – Global Integrated Marketing Executive seeking Director of Strategy position)

Terry: Thank you.  What would you do if you were in a situation – let’s say you were doing media buys and we realized that we need to make some shifts and some adjustments.  How would you go about making those decisions if you don’t have any agency background?  How would you approach the situation?

Denise: I realize that’s an area where I will have to ramp.  One of my first professional developments would be meeting with our media buyers, the folks that we deal with from a supplier perspective.

Ramping quickly, in terms of understanding the services they provide, the business processes in place to make things happen, and then really benchmarking and understanding who is considered the best out there from a quality perspective, who is considered the best from a pricing perspective and just really ramping as quickly as possible.

I recognize that this is a scenario that is a gap so I intend to address it immediately and ramp.  My hope would be that if there were a crisis that happened that I would have established a relationship, have started the communication and started the ramping, so I could then work selectively with my counterparts in the agency to make the right decision as to what direction we need to move in.

Terry: How would you go about identifying who is considered the best?

Denise: I think that working with my counterparts first internally within the agency as well as talking to industry experts.  My experience is that there are always subject matter experts or people who track performance of this kind.

First of all, all of the changes that are happening in media so again one would be internal research, external industry perspectives, and then benchmarking our competitors and understand who is actually getting the business at our competitors and trying to get a sense for the level of satisfaction.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q8. What would you do if . . . – DENISE QUICK RATING – D

Would be stronger answer if you could talk about what you are doing now to close that gap and how you would address it then more specifically, for instance, reading on own now, have contacts you would call, personal network you would tap, industry groups where you have memberships and resources, etc.

Don’t know enough about agency realm to know if they would accept the answer you gave.

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