woman(Who is Jessica? Jessica – Over 2 years experience in insurance industry seeking Customer Service Representative job)

Terry: Tell me what you would do if a situation came up and you decided to take control and resolve it, even if it wasn’t necessarily your responsibility.

Jessica: I believe in teamwork. So, if I see I can help out and contribute to a goal, that I see as something you shouldn’t even back down from.

One example would be at my old job at XXX.  I took on some responsibilities as an Account Manager, even though I was just a Service Rep.  An Account Manager has a lot more detailed involvement with the insurance policies and they understand the coverage more.

They just don’t invoice and send certificates or process paperwork, they do a lot of calculating and managing to see if coverage is placed correctly and I helped out in a lot of that.  I placed coverage with some of the smaller accounts myself and did well in that regard.

I wasn’t ask to do it I just took over, because I knew that the Account Managers were struggling and having a hard time keeping up, so I just went for it.

Terry: I suspect they were probably appreciative.

Jessica: Yes, they were.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q8. What would you do if . . . – JESSICA QUICK RATING – A

Loved specific example. Have question for you regarding this answer: what you did didn’t exceed the licensure, etc. requirements did it? Or did you have them bless the work that you had done before forwarding to client? Just want to make sure we’re not creating problems in their mind that you’re exceeding your legal authority by stepping in and doing what you did.

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