woman(Who is Denise? Denise – Global Integrated Marketing Executive seeking Director of Strategy position)

Terry: Thank you.  Tell me – I’d say why are you leaving, but it looks like you’ve already left.  What were the circumstances around you leaving your prior employer?

Denise: I had an amazing opportunity with XXX.  Not just to gain enormous experience with a truly global company, but working across 11 countries managing international teams. In 2007, after my umpteenth re-org, I had an opportunity to join a group of ex-XXX execs who started a managing and consulting firm.

They recruited me in as VP of Marketing to work with them and help them grow small-certified partners for XXX across all areas of marketing.

It was an opportunity that I jumped at.  Of course, that was before we saw the recession that we’re sitting in right now that has actually impacted everyone, and especially small businesses.  That was the impetus behind me leaving XXX.

Terry: Are you still with this other firm or has that kind of ended based on economic conditions?

Denise: What’s happened is my experience with that firm actually allowed me to have a client that decided they wanted to work with me and it spawned the launch of my own agency called XXX. So, I have a pipeline of about four clients, two of them that are active, and two that I’m still working on in terms of developing revenue-generating opportunities.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q2. Why did you leave your last job? – DENISE QUICK RATING – F

Story was too long, I asked about previous employer and you went all the way back to employer prior to that, even follow up question answer was longer than necessary.

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