man(Who is Fabian? Fabian – IT professional with 10 years experience seeking SQL Analyst Programmer job)

Terry: Tell me about the circumstances around your leaving your last job.

Fabian: The last position that I was at, was a contract position and the position ended.  It was just the end of the contract.

Terry: Okay, in your last significant position what were the circumstances around you leaving that?

Fabian: Which position, the XXX or the XXX?

Terry: Well, my sense is that the XXX is more an interim, not really an appointment.

Fabian: Right.  You mean XXX.  That was also on a contract basis and I actually got extended on that contract.  It was supposed to be for two months originally and they liked me enough they kept me on for another two months.  It was just the end of the position.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q2. Why did you leave your last job? – FABIAN QUICK RATING – D

Need to rework answer and also resume so can address most recent job in light of your contract work in between and the current long gap in employment, we can talk further on this when we get together next.

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