woman(Who is Amy? Amy – Administrative Assistant seeking Project Manager position in Marketing Services)

Terry: Let me ask you why you want to work here again?

Amy: I left, because I had been here for seven years and not that there are anything wrong with staying longer, but I needed to get out, learn and grow.  After four years in a weekly cycle of high pitch resourcing, I grew out of the cyclical operations role.

At the time, I needed a change of pace and I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed.  As you may recall, I left on great terms and I was replaced by two people and the department has been even further reorganized over the years.

My leaving had nothing to do with my love for XXX.  I’ve always been passionate about XXX and the people here.  In my exploration, I flexed my skills working on a variety of projects.  As I’ve explored different industries, I’ve continued to feel an undeniable pull into project management and XXX’s interactive tuning.

I recently attended the PM Expo, which was a full-day seminar on different project management topics and it confirmed both things for me.  One that, I’m going to make an excellent project manager.  Two. that project management is where my passion is and I want to grow and learn.

I’m eager going to jump back into XXX and use my passion and strengths to be a rock star on your project management team.

Terry: What is it that you like about XXX specifically?  What is it that drew you back to us?  Setting aside the desire for project management, which I hear very clearly the passion that you have for that, but what is it about our company, the environment, the culture that attracts you?

Amy: It is the combination of all of that.  After having experience in different cultures, it reconfirms for me the large interactive teams where everybody is hard working.  It’s a creative and technological environment where people want to have fun while creating great work.  The culture and the environment is perfectly suited to me.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q3. Why do you want to work here? – AMY QUICK RATING – C

Longer than it needs to be, liked the specificity of why you wanted to work for them  in particular.

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