woman(Who is Denise? Denise – Global Integrated Marketing Executive seeking Director of Strategy position)

Terry: Given that you have an active consulting practice, right now yourself and current clients right now, why do you want to work here?

Denise: Actually as I look at the opportunities that have presented themselves to me it has really excited my interest in working for an agency, working on the agency side, and have a purview into a diverse set of customers.

Financially, in terms of my own agency, I think that I’ve done okay so far with the economic conditions. Looking five years down the line, I think I’d prefer to go back into an agency where I can add value, in terms of some of the trends that are happening in digital marketing.

Then, be able to apply my technical aptitude and skills within marketing in a firm that is more established than mine that can weather the economic downturn that we’re all experiencing.

Terry: The question that comes immediately to mind is are we basically just going to be your port in the storm until such time as conditions turn around and you can head back out again?

Denise: Not at all.  I mean, I think that my excitement for working with an agency really stems from putting on that lens myself, coming from within the corporate world and seeing the opportunity to have a different set of problems.

I could easily go back to a corporate role and work as a marketer in a marketing organization. However, I see a trend where I think those firms, especially those that have embraced digital marketing, are going to have an exciting future.

They’re kind of leading edge right now in terms of where the whole digital state is going and how customers are going to invest their dollars, whether it’s traditional or whether it’s going to be a mix of traditional and digital.

I’m excited to partner with the right agency and use my skills to add value, and hopefully there are opportunities for me to grow.  I know there’s never any guarantees in anything but I think there’s a great fit in terms of my ability to make contributions to the firm and the firm’s excitement about what I’m doing, I can see myself being there for another five or 10 years.

It’s the opportunity to really see a variety of different problems and the opportunity to solve those problems for customers.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q3. Why do you want to work here? – DENISE QUICK RATING – D

Needs work and refinement, why them in particular and what will you be bringing them that’s valuable to them and what they want.

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