man(Who is Fabian? Fabian – IT professional with 10 years experience seeking SQL Analyst Programmer job)

Terry: All right.  Tell me why you want to work here.

Fabian: Because doing my research on your company, it looks like you’re doing some very interesting things with Sequel Server databases, using the new functionalities.  A lot of companies right now are still running on Sequel 2000, you’re one of the companies that are actually moving on into Sequel Server 2005 and making use of the new functions in the database, and that sounds really interesting.

What got me interested in your company is that technically you’re using some of the more advanced features in Sequel Server 2005, and you know that’s something that looks interesting, and the kind of work your company does looks interesting as well.

Terry: Do you have experience with Sequel Server 2005?

Fabian: Right now, I’ve got training and certification on that.  I finished my MCITP in Sequel Service 2005 Database Developer certification. I also have a lot hands-on experience with CD2 database, and I’ve done a lot of work as far as optimizing queries, defining tables, indexes and doing back-up maintenance.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q3. Why do you want to work here? – FABIAN QUICK RATING – B

Great job on the SQL aspects you know about them but also add something else about the company that’s attractive to you.

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