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Hi, this is Terry Kozlowski and first I want to thank you again for purchasing the guide you selected. Before you dive into the written “how to” and sample answers included in your guide, as an unpublished thank you for trusting us to assist you, I want to make you a very special offer.

  • After you’ve updated your own answers using the tips in the guide, how would you like to be able to try them out in a mock interview with an expert coach?
  • And how would you like them to give you specific feedback and help you further improve your answers and how you present yourself?

Give Yourself An Additional Edge

Given how competitive it is out there, here’s how you can give yourself an additional edge for your next interview.

On our website, we offer 30 private minutes over the phone or skype audio with one of our expert coaches for $97.

Through the special button below, you can instead get 60 minutes, a full hour, with your own expert coach for the same $97.

Twice As Much Private Time

This gives you twice as much time to get personal assistance for your unique situation as you’re pursuing the job you really want.

AND when you take advantage of this special offer as an added bonus you’ll also be able to send your coach additional documents.

Share Your Documents For Even More Specific Feedback

We recommend you send us your resume and a job description or posting. It could be either for the specific opportunity you’re pursuing or it could be a posting that’s representative of the type of job you’re going after.

This is optional, but when you share these documents with your coach in advance of your conversation, they can give you very specific feedback on how to better position yourself in your answers. Their tips may include additional messages that may not have occurred to you to share.

To get a full 60 minutes of private coaching over the phone or through skype audio with the recording of your session for your continued reference, just click the button below.

You Decide When To Use

Once you click the button, pay through PayPal, and register this additional service through the same username and password you have already registered with us, we will contact you to schedule your session.

Now, we can schedule you as quickly as you may need or you can take as much time as you wish before you schedule and talk with your coach.

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But reserve your place at this special price through the button on this special page now, since I have not made this available to the general public, only to you, our brand-new valued client to further assist you to increase your interview success.

Just click the button to see the order form below. Enter your email and payment details and save your place at this special price. Use the Contact Us link that you’ll find at the top of the page if you have any questions.

We look forward to speaking with you directly.

Yes, Terry! I want to have one of your selected coaches give me objective feedback and assist me to deliver a job-winning performance in my next interview.

I understand I’m signing up for private 1-on-1 coaching with the coach you will select for me.

I understand that I will be receiving:

  • 60 minute session via phone or skype audio

  • Opportunity to provide my coach my resume, target job description and additional documents

  • Personalized feedback for my situation
  • Guidance for my unique questions and concerns

  • Audio recording of my session for my future reference

I also understand that you are committed to my being thrilled with the assistance I receive. This means I am also expecting to receive a later call or email from someone else in your organization. They will ask me about my experience.

With those understandings, here is my order. Please connect me with my coach so we can get going now!

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“Thank you so very much for all of your assistance with the interview process! Your expert advice and tips were great and really hit the nail on the head of what the company was looking for from the candidate.  I am excited to tell you that I beat out six other candidates and was offered the position! With your help, my interview was night and day from other interviews I have had in the past. Thanks again!”

Jennifer Davis

“Interview was resounding success!!…just wanted to let you know how prepared I felt…my knowing how  to…really allowed me to pay attention to other topics of opportunity…last night I got an email with the offer!  I am grateful to you for your help.”

Dr. Carlos Barrios

“I got the job at ***!…Over the past months I have interviewed for 6-9 different positions but only got 1 offer for a position I didn’t want. Your help made all the difference and my wife told me to call and thank you as soon as I told her. This job is not only great for my career but also allows us to move back home to be near our family as we have wanted to do for several  years…will call you tomorrow so you can help me negotiate my salary” 

Jennifer Davis

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