man(Who is Allen? Allen – QA Analyst and Programmer since 1985 seeking Quality Assurance Tester job)

Terry: That takes care of the questions that I have specifically for you.  Do you have any questions for me?

Allen: Can you tell me a little bit about the culture there?

Terry: Okay.  When you mean culture, what are you talking about specifically?

Allen: How do people inter-react?  Do people share or are people more close to the chest?  Is it that you have to work on your own, which I’m willing to do or is it more of a teamwork, where rather than spending an hour investigating something, which would take that time for someone who’s new, versus you can talk to people?

I’m on A, B, C and I’m on a sticking point.  If you can help me that would be great, if not, I can certainly do it on my own, but it would be less time spent overall if I could ask someone a quick question, but only after I’ve done some investigation.

Terry: As the screener for this position, I don’t have a lot of familiarity of the specifics of this particular group.  I can’t answer that question for you.

The hiring manager has asked me to gather the questions that the candidates do want to hear about so that they can be prepared to address them when they actually talk to people.

I have this question down on the list for them.  Are there additional questions that you would like me to add to the list?

Allen: Sure.  Tell me about what automation tools that you might have that in the future might be a possibly to grow into.  As I mentioned I do want to do manual testing for a while, but I would like to expand my technical skills if that is possible.

Terry: Other questions?

Allen: Can you tell me about the management style in terms of the manager and his style of managing people? Is he more of a hands-on or hands off type of manager?

Terry: Any more questions?

Allen: I’d like to hear more about the position in terms of what kind of person you’re looking for.  I know the technical description is on your site, but in terms of the kind of person you’re looking for, in terms of interpersonal skills and maybe even more on the technical end, is there anything that is not laid out that would be of interest or be good to know?

Terry: Are there additional questions?

Allen: That’s fine.

Terry: Do you have any questions for me as the screener at this point?

Allen: Not that I can think of at the moment.

Terry: We are done with this part of the process.  I appreciate your participation in this.  Any final questions for me before we adjourn the call?

Allen: When are you looking to bring someone on board?

Terry: We are completing our screening interviews this week and next week.  I would anticipate that by the end of next week we would have the opportunity to be getting back to the folks that we want to move forward in terms of the next step of the process.  We’ll be passing our notes on to the hiring manager.

Like I said, by the end of next week, for those that are going to move forward, we’ll be notifying them about coming in for an interview with them.   

Allen: Would you mind if I give you a call next week just to touch base?

Terry: That would be fine.

Here’s how I would rate this answer . . .

Q10. Do you have any questions for me? – ALLEN QUICK RATING – A

Good specificity on what you meant by culture, your questions also showed you were really interested, could have also asked about hiring process before interviewer said we were done, great followup on requesting permission to touch base.

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